The group of string players - enthusiasts fascinated with sound in space. Opponents of making "labels" and "boxes" in art. Each one of them studied in different place in the world: Vienna, London, Katowice. Now they are together - provoking, rediscovering the art. They want to bring the music to untypical spaces - they want to resonate with the place and the audience.


Piotr Gach


Anna Kuk


Jacek Stolarczyk


The core of ReVerb Ensemble is created by three string players for whom playing together means having real conversation, reviving notes covered by dust, for whom concerts are unique experiences in which artists, creators and the audience resonate together. The name is also their double-statement: reverb (to resonate) and re-verb (re-doing). They have always brilliant, internationally acclaimed guests who joined them in musical conversation.

What we do



2 weeks ago

ReVerb Ensemble

First rehersal after holidays: done.
We had a guest leader Krzysztof Katana to run through brand new piece composed just for us!
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2 months ago

ReVerb Ensemble

Thanks to Polish Ministery of Culture and Association of Polish Chamber Musicians we are happy to announce that in October we will perform our premiere of Moniuszko Songs transcribed for string quartet and chamber orchestra! Also: all the scores will be available for any of you interested in playing!!

We will perform with our guest leader and Concertmaster of Krakow Philharmonic - Joanna Konarzewska❤️
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tel. + 48 723 073 169
Crossover Artistic Association

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