A!Live project is a meeting with sound and light – equally important elements focused on “alive” motive.

It’s an organic story made up with the music bringing life to all things that are forgotten: memories, inner life, people, emotions deeply rooted in humanity and art. The event is led as one, holistic story. Performance contains three pieces of music composed especially for ReVerb Ensemble by Nikola Kołodziejczyk, Miłosz Beminow, Ignacy Zalewski.

Video arts created by Agnieszka Rogala.



Miłosz Bembinow (composer) – about Vulnerasti Cor Meum for string quartet

The inspiration to write “Vulnerasti cor meum” in 1997 was most probably my love to the choral motets of Andrzej Hakenberger – composer from Gdańsk living at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries. I decided then to compose my own choral motet, combining two fragments of the Latin song: Songs of Songs – the title “Vulnerasti cor meum” and “Veni, dilecte mi”. This is how one of my most popular songs for the a cappella choir was created, with which dozens of world choirs have traveled most of the continents … I do not like writing about my music, because I think that it should speak for itself. In the case of the premiere of the completely new version of “Vulnerasti …” for string quartet, which was specially transcripted by Zuzanna Koziej, I am very curious how my music will reach the audience in a non-verbal version! I hope that the sound will win and the quartet version will gain a new dimension of expression.

Agnieszka Rogala (video arts) – about Awakening for string quartet and video arts (music by Nikola Kołodzieczyk)

The piece of music composed by Nikola Kołodziejczyk and my visualisation is a joint artistic action aimed at stimulating the deceased part of our soul, it is an opportunity to enter the afterlife and contact with your innermost parts of yourself, the ones that we pushed, ignored or refused to speak. Coming to the museum, watching the exhibits I try to connect with the presented characters, bringing closer their personalities and behavior … To be able to get to know them, to understand them, I imagine how they are like. However, I quickly realize that I’m selfishly looking for myself in myself. This concert is a metaphysical journey into the sphere of music and image illustrating the cosmos of our psychology.

The visualization is treated here as the fifth instrument, equally treated with string quartet. In the picture, I am looking for the deceased part of the soul and I call it to life.



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