CITIES:PORTS is a project, which was inspired by anniversary of Bauhaus style and foundation of  Gdynia and Tel Aviv, two brand new cities based on bauhaus architecture and idea of white cities of hope. Their location had its purpose: they fulfill the vision of creating communication network, ports in the sense of meeting points for migrating humanity. The leading theme of constructing and architecture is transferred by ReVerb Ensemble in musical journey made in new form by using eg. topohonic music with changing positions of the players immersed in the audience.The music is accompanied by visualisations created by artist Tomasz Głodek and narrater – guide who joins together musical fragments in one story about the process of creation; the journey where ideas meet specific shapes. The project was partly founded by Polish Ministry of Culture and National Herritage.









Interesting facts:

  • no breaks for clapping between the pieces
  • the audience is led from one piece of music to another by the voice of an actor from the speakers (in native language of the audience)
  • string quartet is located on a square plan and then moves around the room creating various spatial constellations (topophony). It gives impression that sound surrounds the audience.
  • all project created in collaboration with visual art director Tomasz Głodek


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